Bikes for Sale

Too many bike :-) I'm selling the RSV-R (the YZF750SP is already gone). The Mille-R is all decked out with performance options.

Email or call 408-504-4178. The bikes are located in the Santa Cruz mountains (home) or in Sunnyvale (work)

2000 Aprilia RSV 1000R - 20K miles

I have to let go of the Mille R to make room in the garage and offset the purchase of the MV F4. This is a great bike, especially if you're 6' or over, love Italian twins and just don't fit on the miniature Ducs

The bike has always been garaged, never raced (unless you count Hwy 9 commutes), never dropped, no accidents and has the following options installed:

This is a great bike (that's why kept it all these years). Only blemish is a small scratch on the left fairing - it was delivered that way, but it took me a couple of days to see it and the dealer never shipped me the promised replacement.

20,000 miles on it. Bullet-proof motor. Runs and looks fantastic.

Asking $5900.

Below are pictures and here is a sound file to give you an idea of what the race pipes sound like